Flag Salute

Flag Salute

"Happiness and moral

duty are inseparably


-George Washington

( 1st President, 1732 - 1799 )

Washington Winter Concert

Common Core

Find out what your child will be learning, at each grade level, in Mathematics and English Language Arts once the Common Core State Standards are in place. You'll also learn more about how you can support your child's learning and other helpful information.








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Devlin Washington's Facility Dog

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About Devlin

He's from Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), who gives highly trained service dogs to people with special needs, free of charge.

He is called a Facility dog, which is a service dog who works in facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, therapy settings, classrooms & libraries.

Devlin's main job, besides being a comfort and friend to the special-ed students, is to be a "bridge" between general-ed & special-ed students. 

Kids are drawn to Devlin when he is with a special needs child, which sets up a nice situation for interaction / socialization between the students.

Devlin knows about 40 commands, his newest job at school, being to carry the key to the gate at the bussing area, so we can unlock it to load the busses.  He then carries the key back to classroom.

He also listens to students read.  He is a non-judgmental listener helping kids build their confidence to read out loud.  On Tuesday & Thursday, Mrs. Nitschke sends 2 readers to sit on Devlin's sofa to read to Devlin.

Devlin is used as reinforcement for some kids who chose him as their reward for good behavior. 

They will work for time spent with Devlin.  They can play ball, read to him, pet or groom him during their time with him.

Devlin has about 15 costumes that he likes to wear on special occasions.  Every 2 months, he makes visits into the classrooms with special stories to read and sharing of information about himself and dogs in general.  Kids always have lots of good questions of me, his handler. 

Every year he has had a birthday party at Washington, with Ellie our cook, providing cake for all.

Devlin loves to swim in the pool and fetch tennis balls.  When he's not working, he is at home with Mrs. Huggett, being a wonderful pet dog.

Washington Running Club Visits Lodi High's TRACK

Washington Running Club Visits Lodi High's TRACK

Here We Are!

831 W. Lockeford St.

Lodi, CA 95240


Friendly Faces in the Office:
Ms. Joy & Ms. Dusty

The picture on the top of this page is taken of the front lawn of the school. We're located on the north side of Lockeford St., and we're a block to the east of Ham Lane.  The school office is just inside the front main door.  Come visit us!



Gentle Reminder

Please call us if your student is not in school.

(209) 331-7451

Thank You,

Wildcat Staff


Washington Wildcats

are proud to be a

Bully Free Zone!

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The G.R.E.A.T. program:

Gang Resistance Education and Training Program.

Is a federally funded program is in its 3rd year and has been adopted by George Washington Elementary.

This G.R.E.A.T.program is teaching our wildcats how to manage their anger, respect their community and avoid joining a gang.

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