📖 Millionaires Club - Readers are leaders and life-long learners!  Here at Washington, we have the millionaires club, which is for the students who have read over 1,000,000 words this school year (500,000 words for k-3).   Students choose books to read and take a Reading Counts quiz on that book.  If they pass the quiz, the number of words in that books gets added to their total.  Easy as that!  Ask your child if they will make the millionaires club this year.  Students can also read books over the vacations and then take quizzes when they return to school. (Quizzes are only taken at school.)  Students can read books from home or school, or ebooks from sites like MyOn or Epic!  Just make sure it has a RC quiz if you want it to count!  Want top know if there's a RC quiz on the book your child is reading?  Click HERE to search.